North American Book Awards 2014, First Place in fantasy.

Kindle Book Review Book of the Year Semifinalist 2013

Notable Read in the Shelf Unbound/Half Price Books Indie Book of the Year 2013

A captivating debut that is delighting general readers and fantasy fans alike. Magic, adventure, mystery, romance… Gift of the Phoenix does not disappoint.

Gift of the Phoenix is available through Barnes and Noble, Amazon, the Apple store, Kobo, Smashwords, and many local booksellers (find them via IndieBound).

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Praise for Gift of the Phoenix:

Gift of the Phoenix is so good, I don’t know where to even start. It’s excellent. It’s one of those books you read that you don’t want to end because it’s so good, but then you can’t wait to find out where it’s going to go, so you can’t wait to finish it. This novel puts you on an intricately woven path as you meet many characters, but who’s good and who isn’t? The story, the characters, the setting, all of it is so well written, so vivid – I could see the characters, I knew the characters, I felt like I was there, walking through the forest, swimming with the dolphins, being carried by a Tulaga… It has all of the elements of a great story – mystery, magic, suspense, a touch of romance, intrigue… It’s well paced, had heart stopping moments, it grabbed me on page one and kept my interest all the way through. Well done Ms. Cook. I am so looking forward to the sequel in the Gift of Phoenix series. I absolutely loved this fantasy, to me it ranked right up there with two of my favorite series,  Thomas Covenant White Gold Wielder and Lord of the Rings.” – Review by Maggie Thom at The Write to Read.

Gift of the Phoenix reminds me of a mix of Paolin’s Eragon and Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, but stands on its own as a unique fantasy-adventure. Cook creates a magic system that is intricate and unique, which can be hard to do in a genre littered with magic. The story is as much a mystery as it is an adventure. The story is very complex, and yet very easy to follow… layers upon layers of intertwined plots that all culminate to a fantastic ending. This is a book that I will want in Hardcover on a prominent shelf. The Gift of the Phoenix is an epic story with an impending sequel. I would recommend this book to anyone of any age. If you enjoy C.S. Lewis, Rowling, Tolkien, Paolini (or all of them) then do not miss out on reading Donna Cook.” – Excerpt of a review by Will Wortner at Zero2Fiction

“As an avid reader of fantasy, I often encounter boring or overused plotlines—this was neither! With a fresh new take on fantasy adventure, Cook constructs an enchanting world of magic, kingdoms, rebirth, and death. Her masterful portrayal of characters leaves one feeling as if the characters are close friends, and one quickly devours the pages to know what lies in store…. The plot is quick to hold one’s attention as the novel opens with Nashua and an ancient ritual gone wrong. Then, one is introduced to the main characters and whisked away into a fantasy adventure like no other. Love, hate, fear, uncertainty, and more fill each chapter, and one will never be bored! I simply cannot wait to read more of Donna Cook’s work!” – Excerpt a review by Artemis at Fantasy Book Lovers Unite

“What a wonderful read! I’m normally not a reader of the fantasy genre, but really enjoyed this novel and the way the story was crafted. Donna Cook does such a beautiful job of illustrating her story through written word. I felt completely engaged with the setting and characters. The way she interwove the characters’ back stories is intriguing and creates some interesting conflict throughout. I’m looking forward to reading the prequels and sequels!” – Heidi Early, four-star Goodreads review.

“An incredibly impressive book that grips you from the very start. There is plenty of action in the story, some wonderful characters and magical, atmospheric settings. Donna has created a fascinating realm in this story which, even if you don’t consider yourself a fantasy fan, you’ll definitely enjoy.” – Excerpt of Stephanie Dagg’s review at Books Are Cool.

“This is one of the very best books I have read in a long time. The story line, characters, and locations are established in a manner more indicative of a long established fantasy writer.” – Five-star Amazon review.

“This book was awesome. I was amazed it was a first book. The book was so well done. I couldn’t put it down. I can’t wait for the next book.” – Five-star Amazon review.

“The story grabs you as you start to read it. For me it was hard to put the book down. I don’t read many books like this but I enjoyed it over my Harry Potters collection.” – Five-star Amazon review.

“I really enjoyed the story and … would like to see more from the author. The characters are well developed and believable and the story itself flowed nicely. The book is long but it doesn’t seem to slow down and I never lost interest or wish to skip ahead as it kept me engaged the whole time. I believe I read that there was a sequel in the works and I will definitely buy it when it is released as Donna Cook’s storytelling is well worth the price of admission.” – Four-star Amazon review.

“I read while waiting for a movie to start, I read while riding in the car, I even read while I was waiting for my cookies to come out of the oven. If I had a spare minute I put it to use! Gift of the Phoenix kept me up into the early morning hours, because the story just wouldn’t get to a place where I could go to sleep.” – Five-star Amazon review.


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